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May 18, 2023

Aaron Woodson is a Florida-based military combat veteran who has served in the US Air Force and US Air National Guard for over 15 years. He began his military career participating in military campaigns such as Operation Iraqi Freedom and Inherent Resolve. At a very young age, Aaron began to nurture an interest in and passion for poetry. He began to write poems at school and his love for writing grew so deep that he told his parents that someday he would publish his own book. Having moved to Jacksonville in 2016, he decided to finish up his now-completed book, The Face of Expression, a poetry book that fuses story-telling and non-fiction clips into it. The Face of Expression highlights topics about life, love, pain, struggle, rejection, faith, and experiences. Aaron gets his inspiration to write from his spirituality, traveling, singing, music, positive quotes, and experiences, among others.

Interviewer Taryn “LoveReigns” Wharwood is a poet, writer, author, emcee, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and curator. Taryn is the program manager for The Performers Academy, a 12-year partner of Family Support Services.  The Performers Academy uses the healing power of the arts as behavioral intervention and diversion for youth and teens, and Taryn manages programs including the Just Like Me Cultural and Exhibition Experience for teens.

Taryn conducts weekly writing workshops for adults in recovery, at-risk youth in drug rehabilitation centers, youth in foster care and in juvenile detention centers.  She is the CEO of IAmLoveReigns Enterprises LLC, providing online business solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses, artists and entertainers. Taryn is also the host of the Random Thoughts of Reign podcast, which she began during the pandemic as a way to connect the world with creators during quarantine. LoveReigns is the founder of Artis(Tree) Live and The Closet Jax and co-founder of The Cypher Open Mic Poetry & Soul, which is, to date, the longest-running open mic in Jacksonville history.


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