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Nov 25, 2021

Kristen Arnett’s novels and short stories explore queer life and life in Florida, combining the two with her signature dark humor. Join us to chat with the New York Times bestselling author about the stories that motivate her to write, what she’s learned from writing, and more!

Kristen Arnett is the author of With Teeth: A Novel and the New York Times bestselling debut novel Mostly Dead Things, which was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in fiction. She is a queer fiction and essay writer. Her work has appeared at The New YorkTimes, The Cut, Oprah Magazine, Guernica, Buzzfeed, McSweeneys, PBS Newshour, The Guardian, Salon, and elsewhere. Her next book (an untitled collection of short stories) will be published by Riverhead Books. She has a Masters in Library and Information Science from Florida State University and currently lives in Miami, Florida.


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Kristen Arnett
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